Monster Island weight guesser and Balloon dart Glitch

On Monster Carnival, the Island, after you get the darts from the balloon popping booth, and had your weight guessed by the weight guesser, you cannot finish the following steps for those tasks. I know you have you have to talk to talk to the guy in the pharmacy for the weight guesser to become heavier with the cough drops, and go to the mechanic shop to sharpen the dart.
The problem is, when you go talk to the male in the pharmacy, he asks, "Would you be needing anything else today?" and I would reply with a, "No thank you.", when I should be saying, "Something is not on the level at that carnival. I need something small, but heavy to fool the weight guesser."
With the dart, I just kept getting stuck on the loading screen whenever I go to sharpen it. I waited for a full 3 minutes before I refreshed the page and restarted the island after I saw it didn't work.

I have restarted the island twice, looked up walkthrough to see if I did something wrong, or if I was missing a step. I have done each step correctly, and followed the walkthroughs step by step on this island. and still glitched.