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Professor Hammerhead
"It's good to be back. Thanks again!"
"It's good to be back. Thanks again!"
Species Poptropican
Island Shark Tooth Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Professor Hammerhead is an explorer and scientist who discovered the ruins of Shark Tooth Island. He is presumed to be dead in 1997 as a victim of the Great Booga. However, as you learn at the end of Shark Tooth Island, he is actually shipwrecked on an island (Castaway Island) with a young boy. 

Professor Hammerhead is 'an explorer extraordinaire.' In Shark Tooth Island, he wears a field yellow-green shirt with green pants. Professor Hammerhead has a green backpack that has grey stripes. He holds a walking stick, has a white beard, and was born in 1920. We don't know much about his personality, except that his friends are us and the lost son who was trapped on the island with him. His enemies are, quite obviously, the Great Booga Shark.

Professor Hammerhead was lost at sea while he was studying the Great Booga Shark. Basically, Professor Hammerhead discovered Shark Tooth Island and its ruins. His study journal was recovered and is kept in the Shark Museum. His study journal played a great part in the island and we couldn't solve the island without it. His study journal is also the logo of many different Poptropica-related things. You need to find him and the lost son to solve the island. You can only visit Castaway Island where he is after calming the Booga Shark with the potion from the Medicine Man. The things you need for the Medicine Man's potion is an old bone, coconut milk and the key ingredient. You must lead both of them back into safety on Shark Tooth Island. 

His only appearance is in Shark Tooth Island.