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Inside the Pop Art museum on Early Poptropica Island, 3 famous Renaissance artist can be found - Vincent Van Gogh, Georges-Pierre Seurat, and Leaonardo Da Vinci.


Each artist closesly resembles their real life counterpart, in likeness and in personality. Van Gogh has reddish, slicked back hair, with a saddened mouth and relaxed eyes. Georges-Pierre Seurat has dark hair, a mustache, and beard (possibly the least accurate of the three, as in real life Georges had dark brown hair and a longer beard than his Poptropican). Leanardo Da Vinci has a different complex than the other two, with a smiling mouth (resembling the happy looking sketches that Leanardo drew of himself), a brownish cap, open eyes, and a greyish beard.

View the images below for reference to the actual artists.


While only one of the artists contribute to another island's plotline (that being Leonardo Da Vinci), each of the renaissance artists in Early Poptropica have a story to tell when asked.

Vincent Van Gogh is the first artist you'll meet in the Pop Art museum. He is found in the Painting section of the building, and only has one painting on display ("The Starry Night"). You can ask him what his name is, how many paintings he sold in his career, and if it is true that he cut his own ear off - to which his answers are Vincent Van Gogh, one, and yes. (learn more about the real Vincent Van Gogh here )

Georges-Pierre Seurat is the second artist you'll meet. He is found in the Painting section, and has only one painting on display ("A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" - however the painting is labeled "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" instead). You can ask him what his name is, what has influenced his painting style, and what he can tell you about his life - to which his answers are Georges-Pierre Seurat, his fascination of the science of color, and that he doesn't like to discuss his private life. (learn more about the real Georges-Pierre Seurat here


The artists appear in a total of 2 times during the game, but appear in 3 islands' plotlines - in fact, they are the only characters to date who do this.

The first appearance is in Early Poptropica, inside the "Pop Art" building on Main Street. While art from