Tenzing Norgay
"Edmund has lost his climbing goggles."
Species Poptropican
Island Time Tangled Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Tenzing Norgay was Edmund Hillary's sherpa, and one of the two people to first reach the summit of Mount Everest. On Mount Everest in Time Tangled Island, he will inform you that Edmund has lost his goggles. This is a result of the time machine malfunction. Read more about the real historic figure on his Wikipedia article.

Characteristics Edit

Tenzing Norgay doesn't have much to say in his appearance on Time Tangled Island, but once reaching the top of Mount Everest, he's excited. He has brownish skin and relaxed eyes, yet an upset mouth. His climbing gear hides his hair color, though in real life his hair color was black.

Storyline Edit

You will find both Tenzing and Edmund halfway up Mount Everest on Time Tangled Island. Tenzing will inform you that Edmund has lost his climbing goggles.

After you return the goggles to Edmund, they will both begin to climb up Everest. At the top, Tenzing will be excited - he's one of the two first people to reach the peak of Mount Everest!

Trivia Edit

  • Tenzing Norgay is not the only sherpa in Poptropica - on Cryptids Island there are multiple sherpas, and one assists you up a windy mountain.
  • Tenzing needs goggles to climb, yet wears no apparent shoes!